Educational AdvocacyIs your child struggling academically, but not identified by the school as having any special learning needs.  We can help you better understand your child’s academic needs, as well as the school resources that can support your child.

We know and understand that all students have individual and unique academic, social, and emotional needs.  We can help you to better understand your child’s learning style, as well as his or her learning strengths and challenges.  From this, we can help you to identify appropriate opportunities available for your child at his or her school that will help with strength building and contribute to academic success.

Also, our Executive Function Coaching (EFC) will help students to develop as independent and self-motivated learners.

Other areas where we can help:

Besides tutoring, what other interventions can help your child?

How can response to intervention, available to all students, help your child?

What are your rights and practical accommodations connected to a 504 plan?

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