We are excited to engage your organization in regularly scheduled book club conversations on a variety of topics.  This is a great way to increase the knowledge of your organization in an exciting and relaxed atmosphere.

We help you identify empowering texts and facilitate book club discussions on monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.  The books you choose to read could be children’s literature or professional level books.  For example, your group may choose to read several recent award winners that could be used to inspire children to read.  Or, you may want to know more about learning styles, the development of creativity, or what motivates people.  Whatever your need, we would help you select books that would interest and inspire you while encouraging great conversation.

Participants would purchase and read the book by a specific date.  On the date of the book club, a consultant from Empowered Education will join you in person, or via Skype, to facilitate an interactive, hour-long discussion about the text.  In addition to personal reactions, there will be an opportunity for participants to make connections to home and school.