While there are many factors that make Empowered Education, LLC unique in the educational advocacy market, we would like to highlight a few significant items below. Specifically, we are most proud to highlight our experience, expertise, and philosophy. 


Our team of guiding directors and consultants consist of educators who have been in the field of education for a minimum of ten years and have experience in teaching, administration, and mental health.  Each individual has advanced degrees in his or her field of expertise, vast experience in working with a wide range of families, and a deep knowledge of special education practices.

Areas of Expertise:

We are proud that our areas of expertise encompass all grade levels and many content areas.  We are not only able to effectively advocate for those students in special education, or in need of special education, but we are also able to advocate for students who may be struggling due to other social, emotional, or curricular issues.


At Empowered Education, LLC, we believe that informed parents are an integral part of the school community and an important contributor to student success.  We also operate from a position that assumes good intent on the part of the school. Many advocates will create an adversarial relationship between the parents and the school so that they can assert power over the school while attempting to show parents that they are getting value for the money they paid for advocacy services.  We do not create conflict; we solve it!

Your Empowered Education advocate will help you to become more knowledgeable about current practices in school and the needs of your child. Your advocate will then help to facilitate a dialogue with the school that, while mutually respectful in tone, will be sure to help your child get what he or she needs to be successful and feel self-confident.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please contact us via phone or email. As well, you may use the secure form below: